Ridley's World
Open Air Film Festival

Visual Identity Design

January–June 2019

This brief challenged me to create a visual identity for a week long film festival showcasing the films of Ridley Scott. I decided to express Scott’s bold personality through every aspect of this identity design, celebrating his creative background and his ability as a ‘world-creator.’ The film festival identity focusses on the theme of creation and creativity, playing with the idea of Ridley Scott as a creator of worlds — this idea stemmed from the way in which Scott dominates as a film director and takes full control of every detail of the production of his films.

For this brief I produced seven commemorative film posters, a large-scale poster advertising the film festival, a fifty page keepsake programme, ticketing, merchandise and a website. I created a rationale that assigned each film a colour from one of the seven colours that make up the colour spectrum. These colours make each film easily identifiable and tie into the underlying themes of creation that have driven the identity design.

The design for the film posters was driven by the colourful visual identity that I had established and was greatly inspired by the idea of conveying a moment of creation. Through a playful twist on a classic motif I formed a style and layout that would work consistently across all seven posters, representing the interaction between the director and his creation.