Jerusalem Divided
ISTD Award Winner 2019

Newspaper / Editorial Design

October–December 2018

This project is a response to the ISTD 2019 Brief ‘Multipolar Typography.’ The project received a merit grade and earned ISTD membership.

“Can more equitable communication of opposing schools of thought help navigate and understand each other more respectfully? Can you represent the Yin to someone else’s Yang?”

This newspaper publication focuses specifically on the city of Jerusalem, the epicentre of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, exploring statements from the three religions that all claim ownership to the city. The aim of the publication is to develop a typographic dialogue between the three major religious voices within the city, creating a sense of unity and balance that also allows the reader to distinguish and understand differences. Through the use of the typeface Rotis, designed by Otl Aicher, the four dividing corners of the Old City are established and united under the same typographic family and differentiated through classification and colour. Jerusalem Divided began as a reaction to the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017, using this event as a trigger for the narrative, aiming to prove that the routine of contemporary side-taking is outdated and often best avoided.

Digital Tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint by the Newspaper Club.