The Frost Giant's Daughter
— Robert E. Howard

Special Edition Book Design

January–May 2019

This special edition publication is inspired by the art of shadow puppetry, drawing from both eastern and western styles, we initially designed and created shadow puppets for the characters in the story and used these to compose illustrated scenes for the book. Through experimentation, this visual style developed into transforming the shadow puppet compositions into a series of Lino-cut prints. All of the illustrations in the book have been designed, crafted and printed by hand. Through this process our aim was to bring the story to life, expressing the emotions of each scene and conveying a sense of vibrance and animation. We left elements of the shadow puppet theatre present in our illustrations through the rough strokes and lines of the background and the borders that surrounds each illustration.

With this special edition collection, we wanted to emphasise the craft of Robert E. Howard’s work through the collectables, binding and paper choices. The book is section bound with a combination of traditional Chinese thread and Coptic stitching with three colours of thread, representing the colour scheme of the story. We decided to show off the binding by leaving the spine visible through a two-panel, ribbon-bound book cover.  On the front and back of the publication are two frames used to house the interchangeable, original Lino prints and a collectable screen printed poetry book. All of these special edition collectables are gathered and wrapped within a map of The Hyborian Age, based upon an original map hand-drawn by Howard in 1932, screen printed onto a thin, textured Japanese paper. Since the collection is limited to just two copies we crafted red and blue cases to match the consistent colour scheme of our publication.