Evolving Typographic

Exploring Typographic Hierarchy

October–December 2017

This project challenged me to create a slim booklet exploring typographical hierarchy, examining the order of importance and the various possibilities this provides for a typographer. The text used in the booklet is taken from an extract of Cal Swann’s publication Techniques of Typography, providing an essential grounding in basic typographic knowledge and technique. Therefore, I felt it important for my design to reflect an understanding of the influence of Swann’s work and clearly reference some of the guidelines set out in the original volume published in 1969. When working on this project I was forced to follow a strict set of rules, redesigning the same text with certain parameters that evolve throughout each spread of the booklet.

My design is influenced by the concept of the golden section canon, a traditional layout principle that determines type area and space through a fixed mathematical sequence, thus forming an aesthetically pleasing spiral shape. With the aim to show an evolution of text from the first to last page I wanted my design to convey a gradual progression from chaos to order. I used the spiral of the golden section as the focal point of the design and arranged the type according to this, the order of importance of the text gravitates around the Fibonacci spiral creating a visually pleasing arrangement.