Alternative Gardening Magazine

March–May 2018

Arcadia is a gardening magazine with fresh green shoots whose tendrils aim to explore the garden from a different perspective. Each issue explores the idea of the garden and the relationship between people and plants, from a range of interconnected viewpoints such as architecture, art, literature, history and personal stories. Issue 1 ‘Robotanica’ focusses on the theme of technology and the emergence of robotics in our society, exploring the ways in which this influences gardening. The main feature article of the magazine looks at the half-garden, half-machine robot ‘Hortum Machina’ by Interactive Architecture Lab, showcasing exclusive, original drawings and delving into the reasons why a robot garden is a real thing in 2018.

Issue 2 of Arcadia focusses on the theme ‘Sky Gardens’ with a feature article on architect Tomás Saraceno’s ‘Floating Garden Biospheres’. The cover design takes a more photographic approach, with the masthead sitting nicely at the top of the image as if it is resting on top of the clouds.